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I like to write/modify programs and see if they work. I also like to make useful things for the web.

Much of my work can be found at Rock my Monkey or here. There are many things that I have done that are at work in the Windows Only atmosphere that they hold so dear.

Quote Generator

Quotes in an Animated GIF. I used to have a javascript function that I put into my signature for my emails that typed out each quote one by one at the bottom of my emails. Unfortunately, viruses and worms have caused our email administrator / microsoft to turn off javascript in emails in outlook. Well, I have found a work around. I now include an image that does the same thing. I have a text file with quotes in it which is turned into an animated gif roataing the image every ten seconds. The next thing I do is keep that image on my server and externally link it so the size of my emails is extremely small. I forsee that the next thing they will turn off is the external image lookup. Oh well, I can imbed the image into each email and not worry about size if that happens. Here's the link to my automated quote signature generator and here's the sample output.

Zero-out your hard drive

In preparation for backups, I like to zero-out my hard drive. This makes the image much easier to compress and yields a smaller image.
The idea is to fill the unused space on your hard drive with zeroes (or some very simple pattern) which is easy to compress with ZIP or other compression utilities. I do this by creating a file and writing chr(0) to the file. I continue to do this until my hard drive is full. Then I delete the file so it can be used for other things. This should work for fat32 filesystems as well as NTFS filesystems because I am breaking up the file into 3 gig sections (under the limit for fat32 and NTFS). This could easily be used on a SAMBA share as well for other file types, however for linux there are easier ways to do this.
Please feel free to try this script on your computer and suggest any changes you feel appropriate.

If you want to put stuff up on my server to test stuff out, please feel free to email me and we can work something out. Free Software is a wonderful thing to learn on.

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